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This was a competition brief set by Starpack and sponsored by Benson box to produce a chilled pizza carton to revolutionise the way that supermarkets package their mid-tier products. We came up with a concept that we feel is unique which was to package the pizza as a make-it-at-home family pizza.

We decided quite quickly that we wanted to market a pizza that the whole family could get involved in making, making it a family event. The concept was that the consumer could choose up to six sauces and toppings, from a wide range, to go into the voids in the top tier of the pizza box. The pizza base is held underneath. We branded the Pizza as Pizzacare with the slogan “Healthy eating for all the family”. Pizzicare means to pinch or pluck in Italian conveying a sense of healthiness, or as some might read it – Pizza-care. Each of the toppings would come in healthy sized portions, my research indicated that pizza can be healthy so long as you’re not over indulgent in certain foods such as cheese or pepperoni which are high in fat.

  • Client:

    Benson Box / Supermarket chains

  • Target Audience:

    Family market

  • Software Used:

    Adobe Illustrator

  • Group Project:

    Xavier Bhoyroo & Myself

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